Cahndra is a fully independent comic made by myself, Nikolas Alecsovich.

I wrote the plot of this story and I also drew, inked and painted each page of the comic. This project started in 2014, and since then I've been working on it.

Despite working on my own, I've had help from my friends, which I really appreciate.

The idea is that the comic is completely free and that everyone can read it online from this page in every language possible, now being English and Spanish.


Regarding Cahndra, it is an action, mystery and horror story, where we'll follow Cahndra's adventures immersed in a violent dark world.

All support that could be gathered from the public is very important to move forward. Follow Cahndra in the social networks and share this story with friends so it won't be forgotten.



Cahndra, Cahndra logo, and this website are property of Nikolas Alecsovich

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